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With the selection of seeds in this kit you will be able to grow an abundance of Herbs, Vegetables and Chillies all year round. In this kit you will find popular growers such as tomato seeds, carrot seeds, herb seeds, Basil seeds courgette seeds, coriander seeds plus many many more

25 Varieties of Vegetable, Herb and Chilli Seeds

  • LOTS OF SEEDS - The use of high-quality seeds is essential in increasing the possibility of success when growing. Each and every seed that we supply is sourced from our trusted supply chain. Great care is taken when the seeds are gathered, stored, and packed. You will find in this kit on average 2,000 seeds which is more than enough high-quality seeds to grow many plants

  • INSTRUCTIONS AND TOP TIPS - In addition to the large amount of high quality seeds is a 46-page downloadable information and instruction eBook which has many interesting facts on how to grow vegetables, their many uses, and top tips for every grower . Growing anything is more than just a hobby, it not only helps an individual live a peaceful life, it is a great stress reliever which also benefits people by exercising their brain and boosting creativity

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