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One of the great joys of gardening is starting with a tiny seed or cutting and ending up with a healthy and vibrant plant. Our research shows that when using our Auto-irrigation pots, opposed to the conventional peat-based seedling pot wrapped in a plastic bag to germinate seeds, root development is up to 30 % faster, seedling growth is up to 25% faster and reduction in the possibility of mould from overwatering

5 Propagation Pots - Auto watering

  • There are 3 parts to the propagation pots, The Irrigation section is where most of the magic happens. This holds the right amount of top quality compost to grow from seed to seedling, provides an excellent transplant chamber for when the plants are ready to be transferred to a larger container. The water absorption strip delivers the right amount of water to your plants on a regular basis.

    The Water Chamber is specifically designed to hold a sufficient amount of water and air to feed the seedlings. Finally the Propagation Lid creates the greenhouse factor.

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